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Hi, and welcome. American Bishoujo is dedicated to bringing you original english-language bishoujo games, as well as technologies that make writing such games easier. On this site, you can find all of our released work. If you want to contact us about any of the information found on this site, you can email Tom at pytom at


Ren'Py is a language that simplifies the writing of visual-novel style games.

Moonlight Walks

(January 2005) Moonlight Walks is our first visual novel, featuring a girl you met on a moonlit beach, one summer evening.

Ren'Ai Archives

The Ren'Ai archives provide a single, permanent location where people can go to find complete original english-language Ren'Ai games. We're proud to host the archives (in conjunction with to support the community.


Slides and links corresponding to talks I've given about developing visual novels.